Men are More Likely Die by Suicide Than Women

May 2015

Texas suicide lawyerSuicide – a global problem – is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. As Quartz reports, more than 800,000 people throughout the world die by suicide each year and many millions more people attempt suicide.

An experienced suicide attorney knows understanding the risk factors that can lead to suicide is vitally important to try to bring the death rate down. One of these risk factors relates to gender. In every country throughout the world, men are much more likely to die by suicide than women.

Men are at Greater Risk of Dying by Suicide in Every Country in the World

In the United States, 32,055 males died by suicide in 2013, the last official figures. 9,094 females died by suicide for same time period. There were 3.5 deaths by suicide for each female death by suicide. This discrepancy of male versus female suicide rates is even larger in some countries. For example, in Lithuania, 49.5 men out of every 100,000 die by suicide compared to 8.4 females.

There are many different factors that could help to explain why men are so much more likely to die by suicide. However, one medical professional from the University of Glasgow believes that a major contributing factor to the higher rates of male suicides is the phenomenon of social perfectionism.

Despite an increased focus on equality of genders, the majority of men still believe that they must provide for their families and will consider themselves failures if they cannot do so. The perceived pressure to provide for a family is outside of a man’s control – he believes – and may be a conscious or subconscious pressure, but it is present even in societies where significant progress has been made toward making the genders more equal. Studies as recent as 2014 show that men still think that others will view them negatively if they are not able to make a good living.

Women can also be social perfectionists, but evidence suggests that the phenomenon is not as pervasive among women and that the social perfectionism that men feel pressured to live up to is much more harmful. One expert from the University of Florida, for instance, indicates that while women generally think of themselves as women even if they do not live up to feminine ideals, a man who cannot provide may consider himself no longer to be a “man.”

Understanding this intuitive phenomenon can help prevent death by suicide among men. When men are experiencing periods of unemployment or are facing financial struggles, it will become even more important for family members and mental health professionals to be watchful for any signs of suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Men can and should be able to get help from mental health professionals in overcoming fear they will lose their manhood if they cannot earn a living as successfully as they had hoped. There is a catch: men are not as likely to seek any healthcare, let along mental health care because of stigma and macho attitudes.

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