Attorney Skip Simpson featured on America Out Loud

Attorney Skip Simpson appeared on the America Out Loud Podcast hosted by Dr. Joni E. Johnston, a forensic psychologist and private investigator. On the podcast, attorney Simpson discussed the dangers of  watching patients at risk for suicide only every 15 minutes; instead, he says, they must watch such patients one-to-one or within line of sight. The problem with these facilities is that many of them focus on ways to save money for themselves rather than on the needs of patients who are at risk of suicide.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t always rely on medical professionals who we should be able to trust. Some would rather take a cookie-cutter approach to caring for patients. Patients at risk of suicide are not getting the care that would save their lives. Attorney Simpson discusses ways for clinicians to avoid lawsuits, make loved ones part of the treatment team, and make it more likely that treatment will be successful.

You can listen to the podcast below or by clicking here. If you lost a loved one to suicide, contact our law firm to learn about your legal options.

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